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Is GTA 5 Brutal?
For my reference I'll compare GTA 5 with GTA San Andreas. Rockstar team has done a brilliant job giving the game three characters. Franklin (character 1), reminds me of GTA San Andreas player 'name'. He is a town boy struggling to elevate his life. Michael (character 2), living upstate with his family, claims to be retired con man and finally Trevor (Character 3), a wild, on the edge living character in Sub-urbans. I felt, playing this game with all three characters provided me an experience of balanced mayhem.
I love the missions where all three characters come together to do stuff. The fact that you can switch between any character between the mission! Oh I felt like Uruguay. <3
Okey, so how game designers took care of micro interactions and micro scenes in the game. Let's talk about few examples:

1) If you are on foot in a jungle you can encounter tigers, or if you are swimming in deep sea you can find sharks. If you are unarmed, good luck.

2) You can actually take a selfie

3) If you get drunk, the camera, walking controls, driving controls change according to your intensity of high. That's dope.  
4) Music options, news channels have sufficient options if you wish to change them during your drive.

5) Check points. Remember in GTA San Andreas, if you fail a mission you would have to start over, and over and over. That was pretty frustrating. However here you come back to your last check point which is amazing. 

6) In mission planning writers have written different plots and user have the choice to select any desired way to complete the mission. Isn't that freaking amazing. 

7) Violence and specially the level of violence . You would be exposed to a dynamic range of action packed missions. Be it FIB ( they mean FBI) missions or bank robbery, US Air Force chopper robbery, you would enjoy every piece of action. 

Thanks for reading. Kifflom!

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